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At Ayanamis Place

Shinji Ikari won’t create Ayanami Rei if he’s too shy. What about Asuka Langley? You can be certain that Asuka Langley will not just be watching, but she will be making the moves of her own! So, our story moves from a shy boy to a couple of incredibly sexually slutty bits – welcome to the world of hentai parody comicses! In full color this time!

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Mugenkai Rou

Rei Ayanami? Asuka Langely? Are you ready to let go of the flat newbies and play with some really curvy and hot chicks this time, the ones who not only have boobies and nice ass butwho are also able to utilize these assetsin order to please the guy? You're in? You will enjoy these comics parodying hentai which Misato Katsuragi appears (finally!). )!

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Ohime Beast!

The wait for Shinji Ikari to make the first move (or any move) is a lot of time, so it’s not surprising that one day Asuka Langley has woke up with an idea of taking things into her own hands – if she wants to fuck the shy, snobby dude, then she’ll go to him and she’ll fuck him! Shinji could not deny her gorgeous curves in the red latex bodysuit.

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