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CL-Orz 06 [clesta] [Neon Genesis Evangelion]

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At Ayanamis Place

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Mugenkai Rou

Rei Ayanami? Asuka Langely? Are you ready to let go of the flat newbies and play with some really curvy and hot chicks this time, the ones who not only have boobies and nice ass butwho are also able to utilize these assetsin order to please the guy? You're in? You will enjoy these comics parodying hentai which Misato Katsuragi appears (finally!). )!

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Ohime Beast!

The wait for Shinji Ikari to make the first move (or any move) is a lot of time, so it’s not surprising that one day Asuka Langley has woke up with an idea of taking things into her own hands – if she wants to fuck the shy, snobby dude, then she’ll go to him and she’ll fuck him! Shinji could not deny her gorgeous curves in the red latex bodysuit.

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Ayanami Rei 00

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Enjoy CASK

A comic black and white that shows how a gorgeous woman gets pampered by handsome men. He stripped the girl of her clothing and kissed her lips. Then the dude licks big breasts and then puts the girl on the bed. The dude then inserts a thick cock in her cunt, and then kisses her. The girl is screaming with joy. She asks him not to stop and to fuck her even faster. The girl continues to do this for a few minutes, before she gets an ovulating vagina.

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Adult Cherry Asuka

Busty redhead beauty Asuka loves to fuck every night. She has invited a friend to try his fat sexually sexy. Asuka massages her balls and suckers’ cock. Then , she undresses and she spreads her legs. The first time, the bitch puts the head and puts it in her mouth. She then sucks the balls and, in the end, she swallows her cock. He then cuffs her open mouth and she kisses with pleasure. Her tummy swelled and her genitals popped out. The guy instantly threw his big dick in there. He fucked her in the sexually sexy way, and she glared at it. After about 20 minutes, he had an orgasm.

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Les Betes [The Knight of the Pants] [Neon Genesis Evangelion]

In a world where teens are in charge of giant battle robots dangers can appear anytime and in any point, and Asuka Langley should never allow her guard to fall… andespecially she shouldn’t do it in comics based on hnetai! The sexy redhead has to find a way for her to defeat the many monsters that she has freed!

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Begging Asuka (Neon Genesis Evangelion) [English]

The time has come for Asuka Langley and Shinji Ikari to end their tangled relationship once and for all and to have a quiet, impromptu conversation they’ve picked a very interesting spot – a vacant rooftop! Since if everything works out the way it was intended then they can easily enjoy intense and wild sex without any need of searching for a bedroom that is not occupied!

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Emotional Connection

This comic shows a woman wearing glasses, as well as one with an eyepatch. If you are looking for this kind of entertainment the comic is for you! It will be even more ifyou happen to be a lover of “Neon Genesis Evangelion” and you do not like seeing Asuka Langley and Mari Makinami getting a bit close in a couple of scenes…

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